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25/04/2006, 21:52
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I dropped this little blurb in one of our US based boards. I put it here just in case anyone drops in here wanting a review of the 599.....


After 300 miles, I have more to report....

1. The F-16 national cycle shield did NOT come with any proper brackets so I put it back in the box and called it a "lesson learned." A windscreen is the only accessory for the 599 that Honda America offers, so I ordered it instead. I know it will fit.

2. The mirrors. After chatting to different people online, I have gotten used to just moving my head over about two inches towards the mirror I am trying to use. I am guessing that sport bike riders are used to this and us old timers have to adapt. Issue solved.

3. This engine is a work of art and an amazing piece of engineering. It pulls in town from idle, is extremely strong in the midrange, will exceed the liimits of common sense while singing at over 10,000RPM (I ain't done this one yet) and returns, on the first two tankfuls, over 45MPG and thats before break in. It don't shake, rattle, or do anything wrong. What a wonderful engine.

4. The rest of the bike is understatedly outstanding. It literally feels like the 1969 CB750 after 38 years of development and you know what? That's exactly what it is. Simply put, the 599 AKA Hornet 600 is a fast, easy to ride, comfortable, economical, fun, do it all and come back for more Honda inline 4 CB series motorcycle. NUFF SAID!!!!

5. About the price difference between the FZ, SV, and 599, it comes to two items that Honda has always excelled at.

The first is the simple rightness of the product, a product that has been developed and engineered to the nth degree. Anybody can get on this bike and ride it. The same goes for any of the motorcycles Honda makes. There are no surprises, no niggling "underengineered" issues.

The second is the quality. I have owned one Yamaha and one Suzuki and while the money I saved is long gone, I still remember the little things that were noted on those bikes by NOT BEING THERE!!! I remember parts that were sheet steel or plastic that on a Honda were cast aluminum. I remember plastic push pins on a Suzuki in places where Honda used stanless screws. I know many MANY people that have taken their Hondas over 50,000 miles and even some that have taken them over 100,000 miles without so much as preventive maintanance. There is even a guy out there that has a CBR600RR with over 200,000 miles on it. Good luck finding any GXR with half that many miles.

So I'll gladly spot Honda an extra 500-1000 bucks on my 599. After my experience with all makes of bikes, I consider it money well spent.

Oh, did I mention I LOVE my 599?

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